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( Treatment Center For Chemical Dependents & Mentally Disturbed )

Breathing in, breathing out, I am calm, I am smiling, You in me, I in you, Present Moment wonderful moment Peace to ...

(mention the name of the person, place, thing, situation, event etc. etc. you wish to send peace. Please make a copy of this for your friend & may one day this song be on the lips of every human being so that we live in peace & harmony)

Remember :                                         Stop, Breathe and Smile.


The Beginning :

He was a teacher by profession, but he was an alcoholic. He abused alcohol for nine years and by that time he had done enough damage to himself and to others. Soon he realized that something had to be done and all his efforts to stop drinking failed. His attempt to practice controlled drinking was a disastrous attempt. He used every known and available means, but all were futile. So in desperation he now turned to alcoholics Anonymous in 1983 and received the gift of sobriety.

He then spent the next three years in reviving Alcoholics Anonymous which was dead in the city of Calcutta for almost 20 years. After much initial setbacks, Alcoholics Anonymous took roots in Calcutta and in its suburbs.

June P., the wife of the teacher-alcoholic started Al-Anon and Alateen in 1984 in Calcutta. They also started Narcotics anonymous for drug addicts. Today in Calcutta there are various self-help groups using the 12 steps of AA.

This recovering teacher-alcoholic now realized the need for a treatment center for those who were street dwellers and abandoned or disowned by their families. St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Center thus came into existence

As a sign of gratitude for his own recovery.
As an answer to the rampant & monumental menace of alcoholism & drug addiction.

St. Joseph's was the  first one that offered and is offering now long term treatment & aftercare facilities in the city of Calcutta & in Eastern India. 


Our Vision :

To acquire a plot of land and to build a new center to treat and help not only male addicts but also the female addicts for whom nothing worthwhile is being done. The present center has no facilities for any outdoor activities. 

Will some generous soul(s) come forward and make this dream come true. 


Objectives :

There is one problem in the world : UNPEACE.
There is only one solution for this problem : PEACE.
The cause for any addiction, in the final analysis, is unpeace.
Addiction is only a symptom.

Therefore the main purpose of the center is to enable each person to go through the process of purification of the mind to experience inner peace through the 'grasping and developing a manner of living' through the practice of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous so that the person becomes once again fully alive, active, responsible and useful.


What is Offered :

* Six months (or more in case may be) live-in-treatment and training program for chemical dependents.


Nine-month live-in treatment and training programme.
Counseling programme for family members.
One month live-in programme for any one to experience the AA Spirituality.
Awareness programmes and workshops on request.


How to help :
Visit the center often.
Speak about the center to others.
Pray for the center.
Support one person (or more) per person per month Rs. 2000/- only.



St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Center & Relief Services

154, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Keorapukur, Kolkata - 700 082.

West Bengal, India.

Phone - (033 - 402 4603)

Established : 19th March, 1986

Blessed by : Rt, Revd, Bishop Linus Gomes S.J.

Inaugurated by: Rev. Mother Teresa M.C.

E-Mail Address :